Lenore is a local artist who has been a long time student of healing through movement. This has included yoga, ceremonial dance, martial arts, and Nia. As a student of yoga philosophy for 20 years and a student of Nia for over 9 years, she earned her RYT 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Nia White Belt. She began teaching both in August 2018, and is now working on her Ayurveda Yoga Therapy 550hr.

Her own healing journey of uniting her mind, body, and spirit began while becoming a Reiki Master teacher over 20 years ago. This was when she began her personal practice of meditation, conscious breathing and working with prana (life force energy) to move it through the chakras. 

Her love of health and healing is centred around how it allows us to feel connected. She sums it up in this simple way: "when we feel connected we experience joy and bliss. This teaches us how to see our connection to all that is."


For the last six years, she has found this bliss to be constantly present in her own life despite personal loss and challenges. She has also found that the joy of this bliss is magnified when sharing it with others. This is why sharing her love of "moving to be" is her first and foremost joy.



Meditation by the sea
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